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Orthotics Burlington We offer a wide array of services to suit your needs. No job is too big or small for us. We will be able to accommodate your every need.

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Welcome to our website.

We at Elite have been working hard to enhance how we do business. Our new facility has allowed us to improve our production. A quality control protocol which identifies and eliminates imperfections during the manufacturing process has been established. New materials are continuously being evaluated to make certain we are offering the best quality products available.

An online prescription form has been developed that we feel will be an industry standard. It allows the practitioner to prescribe exactly what they would like without having to conform to lab established designs. We have developed a foolproof method for prescribing padding with unique dimensions and placement. Since implementation of this system practitioners have reported they have more confidence in prescribing unique, person specific padding. Our online patient management system allows for practitioners to efficiently track the status of their orthotics. We have consulted with Chiropodist's and other healthcare practitioners to ensure our orthotic making protocol meets the highest possible standard.

We're very proud to be 100% custom made orthotic laboratory. Each orthotic is fabricated from a positive model of the cast of scan that is sent to us. There is no library system, or modified prefabricated shells that are used in any part of the fabrication of our orthotics.

At Elite, our customer service is unparalleled. Our customer relations manager and our on staff professional advisor and technical consultant ensure all your needs are met. We view ourselves as an extension of your practice. In that light, we will always strive to provide the highest quality product and service possible.

We are aware of the hesitation practitioners have in trying out a new lab. To make this process easier, we can provide a no obligation trial. If you would like to use our lab and have sufficient volumes. We will place a scanner in your office at no charge to you. We will also provide training on the use of the scanner and online prescription form. An invite to the lab to see firsthand the process of manufacture in its entirety would be extended to you.

It is with confidence what we extend this invitation out to all practitioners as our experience thus far has been an unmitigated success. We feel once you try us out and experience the difference our efforts will be rewarded with your continued business. We look forward to doing business with you!

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